Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving a damaged or discolored tooth can completely transform your smile! With cosmetic dentistry, we can do just that! Simple dental treatments can make a big difference. If you are unsure what treatment is needed or would like a treatment plan to be made, it is best to start with a consultation. Once your teeth are evaluated and you have discussed what changes you would like to have made, your dentist can recommend a personalized treatment plan that will improve your smile! If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Delafield, WI, call our office today to get started!

Tooth-Colored Dental Fillings

If you have a cavity that needs to be filled, we can help without drawing unnecessary attention to your tooth. With tooth-colored fillings, we can restore your tooth and it will blend in naturally with your smile! Fillings can also be used for tooth bonding. If your tooth is chipped or damaged, tooth bonding can be applied. 

 Natural Looking Crowns & Bridges

For missing teeth, dental crowns or bridges may be recommended. A dental bridge connects to the surrounding teeth and provides an anchor for a dental crown to be placed. A dental bridge will blend in with your smile naturally. The dental crown will be color-matched to your surrounding teeth so that it blends in naturally as well. With a dental crown you’ll be smiling again, and it will be almost impossible to tell which tooth was missing in the first place. 

Dentures and Partial Dentures

If you are missing some of your teeth, partial dentures are available. Full dentures can be placed on the upper or lower jaw if all teeth are missing. Missing teeth can make eating and speaking difficult, constantly affecting the way you talk, smile and your choice of food. With dentures, you can get your smile back! Dentures are more natural and comfortable than ever before! With a custom-fit and beautiful smile, dentures can help restore your teeth.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening can remove years of staining from your smile! In just one visit, you can walk out with a noticeably brighter smile. We offer Zoom Whitening that works by applying a whitening gel to your teeth and using a special light to whiten your smile. In less than an hour, your in-office whitening will be complete and you’ll be on your way with a beautifully white smile!

In addition to in-office whitening, we offer take-home whitening trays that can be used until the desired shade of white is achieved. With whitening trays, you can see results in as little as one week! If you are looking for teeth whitening in Delafield, WI, call us today!

Dazzling Porcelain Veneers

If you have a tooth that is discolored or damaged, a veneer may be recommended to cover the surface of your tooth. Veneers are used on front teeth to cover them and give them the look of an undamaged tooth. With veneers, a tooth can be saved from being replaced and your smile can be restored! If you are interested in veneers in Delafield, WI, your search can end here!

Cosmetic Bonding & Gum Reshaping

Cosmetic bonding is a great option for restoring teeth that is both affordable and fast! Blending in naturally with your smile, bonding is used to restore chipped or damaged teeth by using the bonding to reshape and cover any imperfections. Bonding is color-matched to your existing tooth. 

Gum reshaping is also available for gums that need repair or restoration. If you have excessive gum tissue that gives you a ‘gummy’ smile, gum reshaping can be used to take away that extra gum tissue. If your gums have receded, gum reshaping can also be used to restore gum tissue that is exposing too much of your teeth.

If you are interested in cosmetic dentistry in Delafield, WI, call us today! 

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