Pediatric Dentistry

I think it’s safe to say that every parent wants their child to feel comfortable when visiting their dentist. Having positive dental experiences throughout childhood helps build a good foundation for their future dental visits. Many patients avoid dental visits because of bad experiences in younger years. We aim to make every child’s dental experience a great one! From the moment your little one walks through the door, they become our top priority! 

When Should My Child Have Their First Dental Visit?

Around a child’s first birthday is the best time for their first dental visit! At this point, some teeth have most likely grown in and their foundation of dental health has begun. Finding out that their dental health is on the right track and that there are no signs of concern is important. At this age, any dental concerns can be easily addressed before any serious decay or damage occurs.

What to Expect at My Child’s First Visit

At your child’s first dental visit, we will clean and examine their teeth. The purpose of their first visit is to help them get familiar with our office and our dental team without doing anything too extensive. Our team will interact with your child and help them get comfortable in the dental chair. We will brush their teeth and check for any signs of concern. Most likely, no x-rays will be taken if they are just a year old. This visit will also allow time for you to ask your dentist any questions concerning your child’s smile. Your dentist may be able to detect any predictable spacing issues in your child’s smile and inform you of what to expect as their teeth grow. Topical fluoride may be applied. Dental sealants will most likely be applied at a later appointment once all of their back molars have come through.

Dental Care at Home

The best care you can give your child’s smile is proper dental hygiene habits at home. Carefully brushing their teeth at least twice daily is key. Once they have teeth that are touching, you can begin to floss daily as well. Avoid letting your baby sleep with a bottle of milk as this can damage their teeth long-term. Avoid giving them any sugary foods or drinks when you are not able to brush their teeth right away. Building a healthy foundation for their smile will pay off in their future! If you are looking for a pediatric dentist in Delafield, WI, call our office today! We will go the extra mile to take care of your little one’s smile and give them a great first office experience!

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