Sedation Dentistry

If you feel anxious every time you schedule a dental visit, you are not alone! Many patients deal with dental anxiety and fears and it results in them putting off their dental care. By avoiding their regular visits, tooth decay and other problems can be missed and turn into bigger problems by the time they talk themselves into visiting their dentist. 

Rather than avoiding the dentist, we want every patient to feel completely comfortable keeping up with the health of their smile! With the help of sedation dentistry, our goal is to remove all fears that are connected with your dental visits. Imagine sitting through a dental visit completely relaxed and at ease the entire time. With sedation dentistry, you can do just that!  In addition to sedation, we offer pillows, blankets and other amenities to help you feel at home and comfortable! We offer Oral Conscious Sedation, Nitrous Oxide & the Isolite Patient Comfort System. 

Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation is administered in pill form. Before your appointment begins, you’ll be given oral sedation and it will begin to work within minutes. You will feel relaxed and completely at ease throughout the entire visit. You will still be awake, so any interaction with your dentist can still take place. However, you will not be bothered by surrounding sounds and smells. The oral sedation can take some time to fully wear away so a driver will be needed to bring you home following your visit.

Nitrous Oxide 

Nitrous oxide, often referred to as laughing gas, is given through a facial mask. Once you are wearing the mask, the sedation begins to work within minutes. Similar to the oral sedation, you will feel relaxed and at ease the entire time. The level of sedation can be increased or decreased throughout your appointment. Once your mask is removed, the effects of sedation will wear away quickly. This allows you to resume your daily activities following your appointment. Nitrous oxide is safe for children and can also be administered to patients with disabilities. 

Isolite Patient Comfort System

The Isolite Patient Comfort System works to make your visit more comfortable! If you dread holding your mouth open for long periods of time during visits, your aching jaw will become a thing of the past! With this mouthpiece, you are able to relax your jaw throughout the visit. Your mouth will comfortably be held open and a light inside your mouth will allow your dentist to clearly see all areas of your mouth. 

If you are interested in sedation dentistry in Delafield, WI, call us today! Your dentist can help you determine the best sedation option for your upcoming visits.

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